8hr old Honda CRF 250 Buildbase edititon with £1000 worth of kit OR a Brand New 2019 Honda CRF 250

Enter now for your chance to win EITHER a brand new 2019 Honda CRF 250 or an 8hrs old Honda CRF 250 Buildbase edition and £1000 to spend on kit!Will you decide to take the showroom fresh CRF? Or will you choose to take the tricked-up Buildbase along with a whopping £1000 to spend on kit?

Regardless of which bike is chosen, it will be an amazing win for £14.97! Free Pro-Green MX hamper supplied to keep the winning bike looking fresh!

Free delivery throughout the UK to the lucky winner!

The live draw is guaranteed for the 16th March regardless of unsold tickets. No extensions, no delays, the 16th is the day someone is winning one of these bikes. The draw will be moved forward if all tickets sold beforehand.

Max 797 entries

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